David Page

David Page

For most of my life I have painted landscapes. In 2004 I showed Portraits of Notable Fields a one-year comprehensive study of five local fields, at the Gressenhall Museum of Rural Life. This will be followed by work broadly under the heading "Fieldmarks' at The Cut, Halesworth, in Spring 2008 Increasingly I have also painted pictures about people. The self-portrait, Mother I'm
Back (from my exhibition 'No Such Country', 1995) marked my recovery from a serious operation and looked back to the witty pictures we were painting in the 1960s.

Two other lines of people paintings have emerged - based on newsphotos, or old b/w shots of painters (Bonnard, Monet) alongside portraits of friends (Bob, Carolyn). The Brusca image reminded me, ironically, of Renaissance pictures of the taking of Christ.

My landscapes, reflecting the countryside as it is now, usually have no people in them - missing the bustle of Breughel, Hokusai and Becker, though I look for life wherever I can.Influences
Main ethos: the idea that there are multiple alternatives among rule-bound drawing and representational systems (see Chomsky and John Willatts), and no 'correct' system. Search for the Almagest, 'the great putting-together'in the original Greek, which equals identity of ends and means. Artistic influences: Hokusai, Velaquez, Goya, Pissaro, Monet, Braque, Sickert and others. Influences: art of the people through history (so -called 'folk art'). The Ancients, the Modern Movement in toto including music, literature and film. Truth to materials.
Career path
Firstly, I have always painted - in oils - from about age 13. However, my Oxford degrees were in English Literature. In 1961/62 I spent a year painting full-time in St Ives (with friends from Southend Art School) where I exhibited in the usual way. After that I taught at Hornsey College of Art, then the Art & Design Faculty of N E London Polytechnic, for many years.

I showed in the Young Contemporaries (as a sort of honorary member of Southend Art School); subsequently with the London Group and elsewhere. In 1985 I decided to take early retirement and spent a (notionally re-training) year at NELP, getting a sort of bolt-on degree in Fine Art. Since then I have painted full-time, and exhibited regularly, mostly in London and East Anglia, but also in Chichester and Bath.
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Location Starston, East