David Manley

David Manley

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Event organiser, Writer, Lecturer / academic

I am an artist, writer and curator with over thirty years experience of contemporary art production, curation and writing. My practice and research falls into two distinct though interrelated activities - original artworks and commentaries on contemporary work. My current work is based on studies of geometry and nature entitled 'Winter Cycle' inspired by the poetry of Reg Keeling and will be shown at the New Court Gallery, Repton in October 2015.  Autumn 2015 sees work from another series drawing upon Geometry featured in a group exhibition I am organising at Deda, Derby entitled 'Geometry: Wonky & Otherwise'.

Much of my work in recent years focused on digital photographic means to explore landscape and environmental concerns through an on-going interest in painting. My painting practice is very diverse - recent series include 'Deadly Delicious' paintings based loosely on viruses and 'Black North', portraits 'for' rather than of, Scandinavian detectives, both showed at Lakeside, Nottingham, Nov. 2013 to 3 Feb. 2014 and previously a series of paintings 'From The Earth Wealth' focussed on the area around my home in North West Leicestershire and which drew upon similar interests to earlier work, a selection of which comprised a solo show at Harrington Mill in November 2008 and participation in the Ostrale 09, Dresden, Germany in summer 2009. Other recent visual research concerns series of works. LIrelande Del Sud and 'Le Pays Minervois', play with collage, digitisation, and a mimesis. These projects question painting and photography in the context of place and memory. LIrelande Del Sud was exhibited at the University of Derby in 2003. Works from 'Le Pays Minervois' were shown in 'Digitalis' curated by the artist John Rimmer at the Sekler National Museum, Romania in spring 2008. Another body of similar work, 'Simple As Breathing ' was exhibited at The Art Planning Room in Toyko, Japan in 2006 and at Deda, Derby in 2008. This uses a similar process of drawing, collage, photographed and digitally manipulated imagery. Work drawn from all the above was exhibited in a large solo show (un) Shore Lines that opened at the Centro de Arte in San Joao, Portugal in 2005. Recent curatorial work includes a season of exhibitions at Harrington Mill through 2013. Previous work included 'Through A Glass Lightly' shown at the GoCart Gallery, Visby, Sweden in summer 2011, a season of exhibitions exploring the connections between contemporary painting practice and the digital in the Ex Libris Gallery, Derby (2005/06) including works by Sarah Key, Thomas Hylander, John Rimmer and Edward Rennie. An exhibition with catalogue accompanied the Conference What Happened Here summer 2005. Catalogue introductions have recently included Sfumato by David Morris and Curiosity by Richard Sadler.

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Location Derby, East Midlands
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Critical writing, Curating, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography
Tags abstract painting