David Kirshner

Artist, Art historian, Writer, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Since moving up here from Brighton, where I completed my Ph.D. [Language Games in a Visual Environment] , I have exhibited at the Angel Gallery, Nottingham, 20/21 Gallery, Scunthorpe, and last year, a one man show at Bank Street Art, Sheffield. I am at present making work for an exhibition entitled 'Modernism Revisited'. It is both a 'deconstruction' and a 'reconstruction' of various works of this era - Malevich, van Doesburg, el Lissitzky. I have coined the term DECO-RECO to describe my activities. I have finished two works so far. They are both deconstructions of Malevich's painting 'Red Cavalry'. One of Modernism's major figures, Malevich's work attempts a synthesis between figurative and abstract elements. In these two works I have amplified these relationships and presented them in a 'playful' and enigmatic light. To an extent, the pieces also act as a 'celebration' of my relationship over the years with his work. In addition to my visual work I also lecture on Contemporary Art and its philosophical background. read full statement

Location Nr Lincoln, East Midlands
Activities Further education, Art historical research, Public art, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms Architecture, Book Works, Digital, Mixed Media, Research
Tags deconstruction, de stijl, Malevich, Baroque, Modernism, Digital, model, books
Website http://www.davidkirshner.org.uk