David Kirshner

Artist, Art historian, Writer, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

Since moving up here from Brighton, where I completed my Ph.D. [Language Games in a Visual Environment] , I have exhibited at the Angel Gallery, Nottingham, 20/21 Gallery, Scunthorpe, and last year, a one man show at Bank Street Art, Sheffield. I am at present making work for an exhibition entitled 'Modernism Revisited'. It is both a 'deconstruction' and a 'reconstruction' of various works of this era - Malevich, van Doesburg, el Lissitzky. I have coined the term DECO-RECO to describe my activities. I have finished two works so far. They are both deconstructions of Malevich's painting 'Red Cavalry'. One of Modernism's major figures, Malevich's work attempts a synthesis between figurative and abstract elements. In these two works I have amplified these relationships and presented them in a 'playful' and enigmatic light. To an extent, the pieces also act as a 'celebration' of my relationship over the years with his work. In addition to my visual work I also lecture on Contemporary Art and its philosophical background. read full statement

Location Nr Lincoln, East Midlands
Activities Further education, Art historical research, Public art, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Architecture, Book Works, Digital, Mixed Media, Research
Tags deconstruction, de stijl, Malevich, Baroque, Modernism, Digital, model, books
Website http://www.davidkirshner.org.uk