David Frankel

Concepts My work begins with a process of drawing and photographing the subject, documenting and recording not only the visual aspects, but endeavouring to capture the particular 'experience' of being there. Using this gathered material, ideas are explored formally through experimentation and refinement within the studio to construct a body of work via numerous studies. The finished work is more than just a representation of a place or aesthetic experience. Ultimately it is the atmosphere and physical presence of a place that I am drawn to depict , but my work is permeated with the idea of 'vanitas', the temporary nature of power and earthly glory. This underlying theme remains present in most of my work while the subject matter follows a more varied and speculative path, informed by the history of a site or area. I am drawn to places or objects that were once important and have been left behind by the advance of time. These sites can be in remote places or in the middle of a town; locations that exist just beyond our normal view. Past subjects have included the abandoned paraphernalia of two world wars, the lost villages of the highland clearances and disused industrial sites as well as more intimate subjects such as abandoned vehicles and domestic buildings. My interest is in the history of the man made landscape and the marks left on it by the cycle of aspiration and circumstance and how these marks remain as a witness to our passing. Collections Bury Art Gallery Majdanek State Museum, Lublin, Poland University of Brno, Brno, Czech Republic International Sculpture Park, Orlik, Czech Republic read full statement

Location Ramsgate, South East
Website http://davidfrankel.co.uk