Photo: David Foggo in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

David Foggo


My practice can be loosely divided into three categories: Sculpture/Installation, the Collection and Text Art, though it also incorporates other disciplines such as Collage, Photography and Performance. I would describe my work as conceptual but with a comedic sensibility. Language and wordplay are also key elements, as well as humour also (comic theory is especially relevant). A lot of what I do could be seen as poetic responses surrounding the pun, where a jokey element is elaborated on and articulated both subtly and succinctly into something more substantial. I also stretch affinities connected with an object, thus allowing for a new take on the already familiar, but delivered, crucially, in a deadpan manner. A simplification of my enquiry could be as that of a finder/collector then rearranger. Where elements, either individual or accumulated, are gathered and stored until these 'things' become persuasive. Finally, I would prefer my practice to be placed at the comic-fringe rather than at the cutting- edge.

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East
Artforms / type of project Installation, Sculpture, Text