David Allnatt

David Allnatt

All of my work is hand built with red earthenware clays and fired up to 1160 degrees centigrade. Using a combination of glaze formulas and firing temperatures I build up textural surfaces in a range of rich colours. The recent forms have developed through a study of human and animal gestures.Influences
Ancient cultures, The natural world; own cultural identity (White, British); own gender
(Male); Sexual Identity (Heterosexual)Career path
1966 Foundation Studies Dip AD Graphics and 3D Design, Sutton School of Art, Surrey

Teaching Experience:
1994 Part-time Lecturer, Ceramics Department, Coventry University
1994 Visiting Lecturer, Ceramics Department, Mid-Warwickshire College
1979 Part-time Lecturer, Ceramics Department, Sutton College of Liberal Arts, Sutton, Surrey

Areas of work:
Adult education
Community arts
Private commissions
Public art
Studio workshop technician
Visual arts consultancy

Birmingham City Art Gallery
Sutton College of Liberal Arts, Sutton, Surrey
Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry
Derbyshire Museum Service
Evershed, Wells and Hind, Birmingham
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Location Napton on the Hill, West Midlands
Website http://www.allnattceramics.com