Transmute: Change the form, nature, or substance of Mutation: The process, or an instance of change or alteration Trans-(Prefix): Across, beyond, through, on or to the other side of, into another state or place. Gently tweaking the knobs of reality - trans-muting found, used, discarded & recycled materials into strange and unexpected new forms. I have worked as a sculptor, animator, junk alchemist, blacksmith, welder, maker, rigger, cook and performer. After full time education I worked extensively in the voluntary sector, gaining experience working on large-scale outdoor celebratory events and devising/building theatre sets. I then went on to gain experience in the building and metalwork trades, and learnt fabrication and forgework techniques whilst working for a blacksmith. During this time I also experimented with digitally created 2D artworks and lo-fi audio-visual performances featuring sonic sculpture, junk lighting, queasy electronic sampling and semi-improvised electro-acoustic music. Amongst other things I have created giant blue spotted concrete dragons, solar powered Edwardian Spaceships, wind powered giants, radio controlled twittering machines, fire-sculptures, flotsam & jetsam puppets, air powered bugs on rickshaws, cycle powered sound sculptures and Leviathan Horns. I often work collaboratively with many other artists, musicians,sound sculptors, pyrotechnicians, performers, vagabonds and dreamers. I co-founded and run the outdoor performance/carnival collective Rag & Bone and the sound and landscape group Leviathan Whispers. I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge, experience and skills - working collaboratively with other artists and disciplines is an ideal way to achieve this. Currently I am developing my experience and knowledge of pyrotechnics and in the last few years have also been developing collaborative projects mixing junk sculpture/puppetry with video and digital animation, and live music and digitally altered soundscapes. read full statement

Location Huddersfield, Yorkshire