Daniel Cimmermann

My work is centred around collected imagery. Personal photographs, illustrations, postcards, architectural drawings, photocopies from books and comics, cuttings from newspapers and magazines, images of graffiti- mainly images that possess a certain significance to me. Somewhere I have been to, someone who I admire, someone who represents a moment in history. I work with an image- through reproduction I play around with the scale, colour and narrative, remove it from its original context, embellish, decorate and deface it. Now laced with my own iconography and the layering of paint (using various brushes, palette knives, rollers, sponges etc) the image becomes more personal and significant to me. I draw over the top of the paintings with graffiti pens and markers to create a unique finished surface. The act of defacing the image is paramount. It then becomes mine and gives me the right to be selfish and manipulate it as I desire. Like you might doodle on an image in a gossip magazine and deface the appearance of a model. I usually work with figurative photographic images. I am intrigued by the way the human figure can be disguised, distorted and made-up to signify a loyalty to a group or gang, a community or collective or help to represent a period in history, a memory or a significant event. I will manipulate the images, distort them, often leaving them barely recognisable from the original. A narrative is then sometimes revealed after amalgamating several images together. It is often with hindsight that the true meaning of a work reveals itself, clearly signifying my thoughts of that specific time. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire