Cordelia Cembrowicz

I am interested in active citizenship, the point at which political opinion becomes acted upon and the social context of such opinions and actions. This has led me to instigate several projects around this question - from presentations of gatherings of protesters, rendered miniature by etching that present the physical essence of collective action expand on the idea of social structures; to collaboration with suffragette inspired climate change activist group Climate Rush - committing acts of protest, making costumes, banners, placards, protest props to enhance their protest and lithographs and silkscreen prints aesthetically presenting their manifesto; to performance physically embodying the stress and contradiction of computer based environmental protest - performing a yoga back bend endurance, writing an email petition to the Minister for Energy and Climate Change upside down; and through carving teeth (into tooth fairies) or moulding ear wax (into a hearing aid) I make performative sculpture, questioning abjection and the significance of connectivity to waste body matter. Most recently I have been working as a sabbatical officer for the Royal College of Art Students Union. It has been a challenging year, especially in light of the government's declaration of spending cuts to higher education and subsequent marketization of education. In response I have organised protests with staff and students at the college, as well as facilitated and participated in discussions and debates around the future of art school and higher education. I see my role as an artist as cultural participator, not simply reflecting on ideas but projecting them. Can this political discussion be consolidated with the aesthetic? Can invisible organisational structures be made visible with props, artifacts and aesthetic structures? read full statement

Location London