Colin Anthony Graham

Concepts As an artist I am interested in challenging notions of identity and diversity. Using mixed media I attempt to represent real and abstract forms and notions which deal both historically with my place in a generation of persons of Afro-Caribbean origin as well as a member of a wider international society and culture.Influences Community, Pop Art, artistic, cultural, photo text, graphic, Dadaist, Realist, SurrealCareer path At present I am looking to highlight the influence of personalities who have shared and contributed to the British experience. I am not seeking to celebrate the individual but utilise them as conduits, who characterise our past, present and future history and make a wider statement which maintains and praises British diversity while illuminating an often ignored link in its rich multiculture. Current project: Benjamin Zephaniah 'A British Affair' is an attempt to study Benjamin Zephaniah through visual art, an enquiry into a truly diverse character portrayed through photography and quotes. I am taking a look at Zephaniah from several viewpoints: Britain and the world, creativity, culture, equality, history, humanitarianism, learning, life, love and veganism. read full statement

Location London