Colin Ainsworth

I have made art for 40+ years. My main motivation is autobiographical, and I use archival sources and the notion of palimpsest. The style is light, humorous, teasing, flippant, making comments on ageing, sensory loss, being an unsuccessful artist etc. The result is: messages and meanings are overlaid and often obscured. There is re-writing, re-telling, re-making, shifting perceptions of self. New fragments, truth, myth, make us question what we know and what we think is happening. I see it all as a prolonged performance, full of mis-cues, tragi-comedy, entrances and exits. My recent activities dip into aspects of my interests since I started thinking of myself as a professional artist. The physical outputs are in book format, video, and interactive motion-sensitive audio pieces, as well as two-dimensional work. read full statement

Location South Walsham, East