Photo: Claudia Boese in Ipswich, East

Claudia Boese


I am inspired and guided by the painterly process and its relation to abstraction, and feel passionate about engaging with the subject of borders, edges and peripheries through the handling of paint. Hence I am drawn to regions which could be described as borderlands, geographically and psychologically and which also have been rendered throughout history by artists. My work is process driven and deeply shaped by its relationship to daily life and a passion for history. read full statement

Location Ipswich, East
Artforms / type of project Painting, Printmaking

News & Events

  • Obscure Secure at Studio 1.1

    Studio1.1, 57A Redchurch St, London E2 7DG

    This final event will see a re-creation of the exhibition at Studio 1.1, London – a contemporary artist-led project space. A discussion event will reflect on the learning from the project 3-5pm free

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  • Obscure Secure - Does process matter?

    Christchurch Mansion, Wolsey Gallery, Ipswich

    Panel discussion facilitated by artist and art therapist Emma Cameron with artists: Molly Thomson, Jane Frederick, Claudia Böse, Hayley Field and Jacqueline Utley 2-3.30pm Free

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  • Obscure Secure - In conversation – Frances Spalding with Valerie Sinason

    Christchurch Mansion, Wolsey Gallery, Ipswich

    Art historian, critic and biographer Frances Spalding discusses her work and reflections with psychoanalyst and poet Valerie Sinason Time: 2-3.15pm Free (please book by calling 01473 433691)

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  • Obscure Secure - Introductory event and reception

    Christchurch Mansion, Wolsey Gallery, Ipswich

    Claudia Böse, Hayley Field, Jacqueline Utley discuss the project with Martha Fleming, artist and Director of University of Reading’s Collections Based Research Programme

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  • Obscure Secure -

    Obscure Secure uncovers work by twentieth century women artists from the Ipswich Borough Council collection and exhibits it together with paintings by Jacqueline Utley, Hayley Field and myself.

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