Clare Winnan

Clare Winnan

Artist, Maker, Teacher

Clare Winnan uses sculpture, drawing, installation, and photography, to create seductive but disturbing works that draw on the tensions between often delicate objects and their more sinister underlying messages. By using unlikely media to realise her ideas, Clare creates a world of contradiction where innocence is paired with violence; where death comes to life; and where the vibrancy of life is caged or bottled for antiquity. A preoccupation with childhood and family memories often finds its way into the work, filtered through the passage of time and the experiences of life. These themes are explored through photography, performance, and found objects which come ready-made with nostalgia and meaning. Born in Kent, Clare moved to Bath in 2004 to study a degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University. She moved after graduating university to Cornwall and then Brighton but was drawn back to the South West where she now lives and works. read full statement

Location Wiltshire, South West
Activities Secondary education, Further education, Workshops, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles

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