Photo: Clare Petherick in London

Clare Petherick


My work is based on human emotion, subtle shifts from one mood to another represented mainly through landscape. I work in series and a project can take up to a year to complete. As a drawing based artist I like to use simple materials such as paper, graphite, and water based crayons. I push these materials to their limit by continually inventing new ways of working. An early influence on my work was printmaking. As a student I became intensely involved in stone lithography learning it first at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts in Paris and continuing to practice it at the RCA. Since then my work has been heavily influenced by process and I continue to explore unexpected ways to create works on paper. My most recent project is based on an Island off the North Devon coast. As a child I had a view of this Island from my bedroom window. I was fascinated by the way the weather changed the Islandโ€™s appearance from being concealed by a curtain of rain to then reappearing on the horizon. As with all my projects I developed a format or grid that I would prepare before going out and working entirely on the spot. I reacted to what I saw in front of me; at times the elements would become part of the work such as when it rained. I built up a series of works over a period of a year. What unfolded was a series of stills, same view with very varied results. read full statement

Location London
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies
Artforms / type of project Project, Drawing
Tags Drawing, Location work, Series, Landscapes, varied media, 2-D, Contemporary drawing, Experimental Drawing

News & Events

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