Clare Kenny

Your truth is my lie Clare Kenny works with a variety of materials such as found objects and building materials yet her work almost always originates in photography, or simply just the idea of the photograph. Manipulation of materials including that of the photograph play a central role in her work and the questioning of their given roles especially that of the photograph and its job of presenting a factual record, or the truth. This is also present in her use of plastic foils and spraypaint which are utilised in order to look like or stand-in for other materials such as marble or stone. Most of her objects and images seem to base themselves around the idea of real and fake, truth and lie; positives and the negative, as in photographic film. Their material transformations often leaving us with the question of what it is we are actually looking at, metal, marble, wood etc, leading us down many paths and coming to our own conclusions. This material fakery is not surprising as Kenny is trained in trompe l'oeil painting techniques and together with the manipulation of photographic prints, she creates multi-layered and multiple versions of her reality. As it is her reality with which we are faced for these are objects she has collected over the years even from her childhood and together with the images which are all taken by her she creates an archive. It is this archive which she constantly plunders when creat¬ing a new version of her reality or history, both of which are interpreted and re-interpreted over again, always presenting a new face. Coming from a make-do working class mentality where nothing goes to waste in which every¬thing and everyone has the potential to become something else. Glass from an old frame or an old fence panel combine together with other objects and materials to create new narratives. Or plastic sheeting once used to protect the studio whilst spraypainting now becomes a piece of work in itself. Plaster objects are cast from an archive of everyday items originating in other artworks, previous exhibitions, studio and homes where she has lived and now take on new relevance and stature in their metamorphoses from object to record. The works are deeply rooted in her identity and history, this is also often visible in the titles where there are many references; yet her work is still capable of talking universally as they speak of the everyday, the diaspora and of longing and belonging. read full statement

Location Basle, Switzerland