Photo: Clair Robins in Leicester, East Midlands

Clair Robins

Lecturer / academic

My work is mainly created by objects, belongings and memorabilia that surround us every day. As an avid collector and self confessed hoarder of mundane and quirky items, I assemble my treasures into still life photographs. My earlier work used traditional photography practices; however majority of my current work has been photographed digitally. I endeavour to re-present these items and paraphernalia to inspire the viewer and myself as an artist. The composition, arrangement and layout of my 'collections' are uncluttered and often direct. Simplistic lighting and balance are fundamental with each collection. I like the viewer to be challenged on many levels- nostalgia, aesthetic or simply by a personal association of such curiosities. I like to evoke an emotion by producing bizarre collections so the images form a contemporary archive.

Location Leicester, East Midlands
Activities Further education
Artforms / type of project Photography