Photo: Claire Tindale in Manchester, North West

Claire Tindale

Artist, Project manager, Graphic designer, Lecturer / academic

With an interdisciplinary practice, I utilise the media and format most appropriate to the ideas and concepts being expressed with outcomes varying from 2D work through to video, installation and site-specific work. Thematically the work is predominantly concerned with exploring the workings of the human mind, in all its guises, whether it is an examination of the idiosyncrasies of the English language or an exploration of psychological or neurological disorders such as obsessive behaviour or dementia. At times found objects with their inherent resonance act as the catalyst for a piece of work, as is the case with 'Memory Loss', a limited edition artist book based on a found photograph album. This piece of work provoked further research into dementia and galvanised ideas for a new and expanding body of work, shown in the solo exhibition, 'Going Nowhere' in Bank St Arts Gallery, Sheffield. With an interest in revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary, objects may be interpreted, manipulated or juxtaposed to investigate the potential of emerging narratives. By subtly disrupting the familiar in this way, new meaning is conveyed. A copy of 'Memory Loss' is held in the Tate Special Collection in London. Claire Tindale is an artist, designer and educator.

Location Manchester, North West
Activities Higher education, Practice-based research, Residencies, Arts in health
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Installation, Photography, Sculpture, Text
Tags Installation, artist books, site-specific, photography, the human condition, dementia

News & Events

  • Event review in a-n

    Review of work for Open House at In Certain Places, Preston, as part of a series of events around the launch of the Hannah Festival publication -

  • Unusual Space

    01/05/2015 – 03/05/2015
    3irty 2wo Gallery, 32 High Street, Scunthorpe

    Group exhibition, open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10.30 - 3.30 pm

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  • This into That: found object art, assemblage and other transformed work

    04/03/2015 – 28/03/2015
    Nave Gallery Annex, 53 Chester Street, Somerville, MA, USA

    A group show curated by Caleb Cole bringing together artists whose work responds to found objects in some way, providing new contexts and meaning or transforming them into something new.

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  • Hankering for Classification

    New site-specific work developed for group show at TOAST in Castlefield New Art Spaces, Manchester.

  • Hankering for Classification

    15/11/2014 – 20/12/2014
    TOAST, New Art Spaces, Federation House, Federation Street, Manchester (just off Balloon Street)

    A Group exhibition of new and existing work by ten artists from across the UK, who employ methods of classification, archiving and collecting. Curated by Elizabeth Wewiora and Matthew Pendergast.

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  • Bankley Open Call 2014

    11/10/2014 – 26/10/2014
    Bankley Gallery, Manchester

    National Open Call exhibition, with work selected by a panel of professional judges. Open Saturdays and Sundays 12 - 4 pm

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  • PS Mirabel Process Residency Prize

    Having been awarded the Process Residency Prize at the 2014 PS Mirabel Open, I will be developing new work in the space over the next 6 weeks, alongside an exhibition of my earlier work.

  • Extracts

    02/08/2014 – 13/09/2014
    PS Mirabel, 14 - 20 Mirabel Street, Manchester, M3 1PJ

    A solo retrospective exhibition launches a six week process residency at PS Mirabel, where Claire Tindale will have time and space to reflect on her practice and develop ideas and new work.

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  • PS Mirabel Open

    14/06/2014 – 26/07/2014
    PS Mirabel, Mirabel Street, Manchester

    The inaugural PS Mirabel Open Exhibition. Work across a range of media is displayed in/on/around a motley collection of furniture and display equipment.

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  • Fabricate

    23/02/2014 – 28/02/2014
    Arundel Room, Millenium Galleries, Sheffield

    A multidimensional showcase for material and conceptual fabrications by artists, designers, makers, writers and poets.

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  • Downsizing, solo exhibition

    24/11/2013 – 04/01/2014
    Gallery 333, Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

    Downsizing is a small-scale installation juxtaposing miniature works with full-scale domestic elements. Extracts from larger works, 'The Home' and 'Forget-Me-Not', are specially adapted for the space.

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  • Bankley Open Studios

    04/10/2013 – 06/10/2013
    Bankley Studios & Gallery, Bankley Street, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3PP

    I will be showing recent work as part of the Bankley Open Studio event.

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  • The Zeitgeist Open 2013

    01/10/2013 – 05/10/2013
    Zeitgeist Arts Projects, ASC Studios Entrance 2, Bond House, Goodwood Road, London SE14 6BL

    Works selected by Susan Collis, Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley. Part of the Deptford X International Arts Festival.

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