Claire McCormack

Much of my current work is about the transience of life, and the current debates about ecology, society and consumerism. I use toys and everyday objects, casting them in plaster and combining them in a variety of traditional and experimental ways. In this series of work, toys can be read as a cipher for the real thing. I enjoy playing with the ambiguities of image and reality, and have noticed that other people often delight in the discovery that some of the objects have been cast from toys that they played with as children. Although so much of the imagery in my work has been derived from playthings, there is poignancy in its underlying sense of sadness and loss. My combination of sculpting and deliberate manipulation during the molding process, and chance, leads to the final outcome. It is important to me that each of these pieces of work these have a visually dynamic structure as well as interesting surface textures. The resulting complexity creates ambiguity, with layers of meaning and symbolism. read full statement

Location Richmond, London