Claire Manning

Claire Manning

Artist, Maker, Project manager

I make collages that may only fully and completely exist in the minds-eye of the observer. These montages are held loosely in place, folded temporarily or built-up in assemblage, installation, film, print or poster. I work with appropriated photographs and with non-places that feel overlooked, abandoned and lost, commenting on issues relating to identity, power, control and desire, and exploring how vulnerable fixed ideas are to subversion. I collect fragments from different sources and reconstruct them into something new, connecting disparate ideas and moments to produce ephemeral possibilities containing a hint of truth.

Recent work uses film to create collages about the liminal, barren, non-space of the train journey, our relationship to it and how this can shift as a result of making art. It exploits the points where the technology of the camera fails, unable to frame a shot or keep things correctly in perspective. The final film offers fragments of different places - dislocated moments trapped in time - one event interrupting or haunting another, constructing a vision of a world poised between beauty and dystopia.

Another current series of work focuses on how the image of woman is portrayed in the mass media, using a variety of non-traditional construction methods to make the final collages. Each one pairs a 1930’s photographic postcard with a ‘twin’ in a similar posture sourced from a contemporary fashion magazine, constructing a hybrid ‘Other’ picture of womanhood. Superficially the material selected offers the passive perfection of theatrical stills, but it resists my patriarchally-based gaze to produce a final image that’s never intact, blocking possession of womanly perfection, denying pleasure, and re-siting the experience of viewing in castration and anxiety.

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Location London & the South East, London
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Participatory projects, Creative writing, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture
Tags collage, photographs, prints, animations, assemblage, installations, layering, fracture, power & control, shifting realities

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