Claire Douglass


Concepts Your culture hates you. No, really it does. There are so many ways that the culture we collude with, works against our best interests. You can see it in the various artifices and self-mutilations we employ to reinforce our visible femininity, masculinity or youthfulness, but it could also be seen in the unattainable and conflicting aspirations that permeate our ideas of, Motherhood, alpha-masculinity, the good life, success, the happy family. Take your pick, there’s any number of ways to measure yourself and be found wanting. It seems that to varying degrees, we have all been conscripted to reproduce the collective fiction of whatever culture we’ve inherited. If these ideas weren’t so damaging to the participants, they might be no more than a series of interesting observations, but there is private shame when we collude with, but cannot ourselves mirror the attributes that we aspire to. The anomaly between societal myth and our personal experience, the space where our own experience doesn’t quite match up to the expected culturally enforced model, that’s the bit I’m interested in. I am presently engaged in creating images that could have come from a parallel universe where these ideas are no more than historical artefacts. A universe where maybe the human species is allowed to be less than perfect. Influences Louise Bourgeois, Cornelia Parker, Tristram Hillier, Tony Cragg, Christian Dior, The V &A Areas of work Exhibiting Private commissions Collections The De La Rue Collection, London read full statement

Location London
Artforms / type of project Painting, Textiles