Photo: Claire Beale in Frome, South West

Claire Beale


The booklet Documentus res, is a glossary of terms and descriptions of items in Latin, which accompanies and acts as cipher for the work. Together the works mark a fascination with items generally assumed mundane and forgettable. By re-contextualizing these objects they become signifiers, shifting emphasis and sparking moments of contemplation. Video is used to record the play that happens in the studio. Usually located on the floor the objects in motion are focused upon. Drawing acts as a visual equivalent to the objects framing comparisons and differences. With a nod towards minimalist traditions the work uses simple motifs and repeats them. These echo architectural features and so the work comes into existence and aligns itself with the space it occupies. Often using objects that are found at exhibition venues, which will return to daily use, the conceptualist Douglas Huebler's statement, is brought to mind "The world is full of objects, more or less interesting; I do not wish to add any more." read full statement

Location Frome, South West