Chuck Elliott

Since graduation in '92 I have pursued the business of creating images, initially by setting up my own studio on Greek St, in Soho, in '94, as a vehicle for developing my working practice, and more recently by moving to a larger space in Bristol. In recent years I have been commissioned by Mucia Prada, Yohji Yamamoto and Nike, amongst many others. Through my work I have been able to explore some of the latest production techniques available to the contemporary artist, and by constant reinvestment in the studio, I am now in a position to create larger and more ambitious pieces. My practice is expanding from the clean geometry of the 'Kinetic' series to encompass a more fluid dynamic. Exploring colour, line and volume relationships, with themes including 'poured forms', 'captive light' and 'fluid geometry'. My work endeavours to capture and retransmit light and reflect motion. I currently employ the medium of laser exposed metallic Lambda prints (effectively digital Cibachromes), but am now keen to diversify into other less stable media. My practice is endeavouring to push back the boundaries of traditional printmaking, with direct digitised drawing, and a fluid use of dynamic colour spaces and captured light. The new body of liquid geometry pieces will explore new mediums, including projected light, and poured liquids, both in space and on the wall. Imaged material may be adhered directly to substrates, and reworked with applied surfactants, and the control of my current pieces will be loosened in search of freer forms of expression. The work will remain abstract, but may also begin to encompass shards of digitised ephemera. Dynamic light / fluid colour / captured luminance / brilliant incandescence / kinetic forms / live geometry read full statement

Location Bristol, South West