Christopher Tipping

Christopher Tipping

Artist, Consultant, Researcher

I am an artist working in both public and private spaces. My work focuses almost exclusively on place & identity.

I am interested in local identity & the site specific & how this is preserved, exposed & expressed.

I am fascinated by the natural world, geology, botany, species diversity and a vulnerable eco-system.

I am equally inspired by our human achievement in language, music, architecture and how we have built communities and the way we navigate & use our man-made space.

Projects may be delivered as stand alone artworks or installations, but more likely, it is the work, which underpins the project; detailed contextual research influencing the design process, which leads to an original and creative interpretation.

Contextual research is process of dissection, revealing layers of social history, community & the very fabric of place. It also means engaging and collaborating with others. Individuals, organisations, specialists and all interested parties explore possibilities in collaboration. 

Tipping Goldsmith - Christopher Tipping and Shelly Goldsmith are artists who work independently, but collaborate on key projects. While Tipping’s work is focused mainly in the public realm, for example adding depth and resonance to urban projects, Goldsmith’s work focuses on more intimate areas of life, for example clothing and the traces it bears of its wearer’s experiences. Their common theme, Tipping explains is “finding the hidden narratives”: looking perhaps at unconsidered fragments, threads of the past - bringing these out and into focus re-defined; a new artefact or interpretive work. They bring the minutiae of nature and human existence into focus and reinterpret on a large scale, affirming the natural and human in what can sometimes be unnatural, de-humanised public spaces. Both have long experience in their respective fields, working independently, but have gradually come together to work collaboratively over a long period of time, which suggests a comfortable & creative symbiosis.


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Location Ramsgate, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Arts in health, Public art, Creative writing, Capital projects
Artforms / type of project Environment, Glass, Public Art, Research, Text
Tags Public Realm, Concrete, Glass, Text, Research, Digital, Contextual, Collaboration, Site Specific

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