Photo: Christopher Steadman in Berlin, London and New York

Christopher Steadman

Artist, Film-maker, Writer, Graphic designer, Digital designer

Christopher Steadman works in a range of genres including video, sound, photography, text and installation. His work has been shown throughout Europe, America and the Russian Federation. He has won numerous awards and grants for his art practice, and fellowships from many international artists' residencies. Upcoming in 2013 Steadman's work will be exhibited at INDEX, U.K. Earlier this year he participated in the exhibition «BETWEEN IMAGE AND PERSONALITY» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Steadman creates multiple entry points in video works on multiple screens, whilst content is often an abstract, fractured, fragmented series of experiences. The exploration of subjects claims for solitude and social belonging are themes present in works that are structurally concerned with time, space and duration. For it is in the context of these elements that living beings try to make a sense of both their own and other's existence. Steadman's interest in the notion of chance and metamorphoses brought about by the weight of memory, allows the artist to communicate a tension between the ephemeral fluidity of the moving images and the physicality of the monitors, heightening a sense of weight by the fixed configuration of the installation. He currently lives and works between Berlin, London and New York. read full statement

Location Berlin, London and New York
Activities Further education, Residencies, Technical installation, Film-making, Photographic documentation
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sound