Photo: Christine Wilcox-Baker in Knutsford, North West

Christine Wilcox-Baker

Artist, Project manager, Consultant

My practice draws inspiration from man, nature and our reconnection, and encompasses exploration, experimentation, heritage, sustainability and responses to surroundings and situations. Projects are diverse but the central theme remains. In 2008 I graduated MA Art as Environment from Manchester Metropolitan University and importantly my work gained clearer definition. Always a passionate gardener and artist these two paths have now started to merge and I am more influenced by food cultivation and sustainability. My current work invites viewers to look differently at food and focus not just on the harvest but the whole growing cycle, the value and inherent beauty of the entire plant. I portray food and its cultivation as the true treasure I believe it is through a variety of juxtapositions, presentations and displays often incorporating classical techniques and found materials. My recent residency at Tatton Park further focused my work. I experimented with actual growing plants, to create artworks, and plant imagery as design inspiration. Wherever possible I initially draw from life, at life size, before creating pieces using this imagery. Really looking at the plants and then drawing what I actually see and not what my mind's eye thinks it sees has informed my work and given it deeper meaning. I combine imagery with word play and have received feedback that in addition to its aesthetic qualities my work is accessible and has educational elements. My work manifests as site responsive / site specific installations, paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, research and workshops and I am currently also working on creating bespoke fabric and wallpaper designs. I have been steadily building my professional practice over recent years and have taken part in many projects. Enjoying a mixture of solo and collaborative working, with other artists, diverse organisations and groups, I am also well versed in public and private funding initiatives and commissions.

Location Knutsford, North West
Activities Residencies, Arts in health, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Illustration, Installation, Metalwork, Painting, Public Art