Photo: Chrissie Heughan in Edinburgh, Scotland

Chrissie Heughan

Artist, Maker, Gallery educator

Initially studied drawing and printmaking at Edinburgh College of Art, 1995. Whilst searching for interesting surfaces to print upon, I experimented with paper pulps and became absorbed with the making of and process of hand cast paper. The process underpinned work for my degree and I used richly dyed paper for a series of dynamic printed hangings. Life 'after art school' started in 1996, when I ran a series of paper making workshops for Waverley Care Trust, (those affected by the HIV virus). Since 1997, I have had a studio at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop working with paper pulps to form surfaces to print, collage upon or build new forms. In 2005 I began making some bronze casts of folded paper origami, playing with the notion of transience and permanence; tenuous paper as opposed to the bulk of metal. These opposites reflect in the making process; paper requires much water and metal casting requires fire. Professional teaching has been with Edinburgh College of Art, including printmaking, mixed media, drawing and sketchbook work as well as paper construction. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Primary education, Higher education, Adult education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Disability arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Gallery education
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags contemporary hand cast paper, artisan paper making, cast paper works, paper lights, sketchbook tuition, specialist studio teachings, coloured paper pulps, paper with plants, silkscreen and lino cut prints, japanese kozo paper

News & Events

  • saturdays in the studio - october 25 10.00 am - 1.00pm hand cast paper techniques

    Essential papermaking for projects involving print, embellishing or artwork in its own right. Working in artists studio, small group. All materials and equipment

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