Christine Ann Richards

Concepts For more than thirty years Christine-Ann has organised and accompanied tours to China and Central Asia visiting other artists both contemporary and traditional as well as sites of cultural interest. These journeys, to China as well as Japan have been an ongoing inspiration for both my Thrown Porcelain: boxes, bowls and vases, specialising in crackle and monochrome glazes, as well as my larger buff, black and red Exterior Ceramics. As well as working on larger exterior vases and sculptural forms, some of which incorporate water as an element in the work, I also make smaller water-features, planters and vases. My larger commissioned works have been greatly influenced by a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to Japan, in 1996, which I used to 'explore the way that water is used in landscape and architecture'. It gave me the opportunity to explore the works of and to visit Shunmyo Masuno, a Zen Buddhist priest and landscape architect, who often collaborates with the stone artisan Izumi Masatoshi and a visit to his workshop took me to the home of Isamu Noguchi with whom he worked very closely. The partition between house and garden has become less defined as we have opened our doors to eastern influences, so that the selection of work to be positioned within an interior can also be found outside. My exterior works fit into both these categories. The style and texture of the work thus creating a link between both spaces. Influences Defining influence: Craft Potters Association visit to China in 1978. While continuing to work in porcelain studied in the decade following Chinese language, art and culture and my ongoing visits there with other artists has continued to inspire. The use of water in my large works was strengthened by visits to Japan 'to look at the way water is used in landscape and architecture' and the desire to create a harmony within my work which extends into the space that it occupies. Meeting and working with other designers and practitioners have extended my skills. Career path Christine-Ann Richards trained at Harrow School of Art and Technology with Mick Casson (1971-73), then worked with David Leach. In London, she started her own workshop as a member of the Barbican Arts Group (1975-83) and was elected to membership of the Craftsmen Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftsmen. After the ceramics trip to China in 1978 she also attended courses on Chinese language, art and archaeology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. In 1992 she visited Japan, for the first time, and spent the summer at IWCAT (International Workshop on Ceramics Art and Technology) at Tokoname, in 1996 a Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship allowed a return to 'look at the way water is used in landscape and architecture'. Awards both from Greater London Arts and South West Arts, among others, have contributed to the development of my work. Contemporary & Traditional Ceramics in Eastern China 6th - 30th October 2013 10th Anniversary Tour with Li Wenying Programme Director Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute Travelling overland from Shanghai to Yixing (teapots) and Tao Yao where they still make large coil pots fired in a dragon kiln. Huangshan, the Yellow Mountain made famous in classical Chinese paintings. Hangzhou on West Lake and Longquan both known for their ceramics including celadon wares. Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China, in time for the opening of its International Ceramics Festival. Included in the price of the tour is the gift of a 'free' week from Wenying in celebration of our decade of travelling together. There will be ten days of workshops at Sanbao with at the end of the tour the possibility of returning home with some of our own work. Option to stay on at end of tour on a 1 - 3 week residency at Sanbao. Landprice approx. £2,000 Enquiries: read full statement

Location Wanstrow, South West