Photo: Chloe Brooks in Bristol, South West

Chloe Brooks

Artist, Maker, Arts administrator, Event organiser, Technician, Lecturer / academic, Researcher

My works have a simplicity to them, transforming the gallery with an economy of means. Many of them act almost as a backdrop to other activity in an exhibition space – subverting and affecting the way the space is viewed and used. Through displacing aspects of architecture, multiple associations and ambiguous situations are created. This sometimes makes it difficult to immediately ascertain what the room may once have been like, however, they always have a powerful presence and once they command your attention, you wonder how you ever missed them. My intention is for the viewer to see and experience the space in new or unaccustomed way, filling the familiar with a new vitality. Rather than imposing work made for one situation into a different location, I make new work specifically for each occasion. I draw attention to the architecture and history of the building, using particular aspects that are integral to its character – creating a dialogue between the work and its surroundings. They demand a certain amount of contemplation, but prompt a re-evaluation of the place they inhabit. Through borrowing from the rich heritage of the past, the works reinterpret, transform and adapt their surroundings. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Built environment, Public art, Publishing, Technical installation
Artforms / type of project Publication, Architecture, Book Works, Drawing, Installation, Intervention, Photography, Printmaking, Public Art, Sculpture