Charlotte Howarth

Artist, Maker, Project manager, Teacher, Community worker

As an artist I am fascinated by concepts of community and identity and how these are expressed in the public realm in terms of marking territory, claiming ownership and passing on stories. I would therefore define my self as a narrator and recorder of events, often everyday things that we take for granted but that can define our culture, heritage, our sense of self and belonging. These interests are manifested in contemporary works that are intended to create a commentary and narration through community poetry, a celebration of cultural and historical values, raising hopes and aspirations or confronting issues such as identity, belonging and indeed conflict. The work I create is influenced by the tradition of my craft. I aim to produce high quality work, beautifully executed with a coherent understanding of medium, yet with a thoroughly contemporary execution. With a desire to narrate and tell a story I aim to produce works which will reach far beyond our lifetime creating a permanent and lasting record and insight into our life and times. Each piece identifies what we value, for future generations to enjoy. read full statement

Location King's Lynn, East
Activities Workshops, Built environment, Community arts, Community consultation, Participatory projects, Public art, Private commissions