Charlie Warde

Artist, Project manager, Event organiser, Community worker

By measuring ourselves against the ideal world of utopia, we are looking into a mirror in which contemporary shortcomings and blemishes are clearly evident. Utopia, a literal 'non-place', a fictional island created by Sir Thomas More in his book of the same name published in 1516, offers the potential for subtle politicking and a means of reflecting on present events. My practice is informed by the politics of urban planning and architectural intervention. I question how the utopian ideas behind Modernism's post war housing estates match up to their creators' prescribed vision. I chart the decline of egalitarian belief systems, the building blocks to con- struct a better world, and lament their passing. I refer to the aesthetics of the clean lined architectural blueprint, interpreting this as bound up with the architect's initial utopian fantasy. I then trace this through to actual buildings, the lived in reality of degraded and depreciated structures, dystopic concrete backdrops - the high-rise villains of London's skyline. In keeping with Modernism's utopian sensibilities, I seek to democratise my practice by collaborating with the residents of the housing estates on which my projects are based. I gave each apartment in Trellick Tower a print from which my film Prometheus comprises and worked with the staff, pupils and architect of the Jack Taylor School for the Untitled (Alexandra Road Estate project). I am presently the 2013 Artist in Resident at 2 Willow Road, the home of architect Ernö Goldfinger, now a National Trust run museum. read full statement

Location London
Activities Residencies, Community arts, Participatory projects, Private commissions, Film-making

News & Events

  • Homes of Tomorrow

    a four part sonic exploration of modernist architect ernö goldfinger’s utopian drive to build for a better world.

  • This Must Be The Place

    09/10/2013 – 03/11/2013
    2 Willow Road, London, London, NW3 1TH

    Exhibition of the work produced throughout my Residency at 2 Willow Road, home of Ernö Goldfinger, now a National Trust run museum.

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