Photo: Charles Gurrey in York, Yorkshire

Charles Gurrey

Artist, Maker

The majority of my work is done to commission, whether from architects, cathedrals and churches, public art agencies, local authorities or private clients. The medium will depend upon what will be appropriate for a particular piece of work. To date, work has been made in stone; wood; marble; slate; bronze; aluminium; glass; GRP; plaster; stainless steel and wrought iron. Whichever medium is used, my approach is to seek to make something expressly having the character of a wrought thing. Depending upon the specific commission, I try to develop the aesthetic implications of this approach. How can the form and physical realisation of a piece of lettering be true to itself as something wrought? How can figurative work, even that required to be illustrative, draw upon the expressive qualities inherent in a given medium, such that the more abstract and material aspects of a piece can be developed? I try to make work that, as far as may suit a particular context and client, may become as it were, incarnated in the means of expression; become in a sense, a concrete thing. Especially welcome would be further opportunities to work collaboratively with architects on integral text, abstract detail or figuration, for bold contemporary crafted buildings. However, all commissions large and small, public and private, are welcome! read full statement

Location York, Yorkshire
Activities Built environment, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Architecture, Furniture, Public Art, Sculpture, Text
Tags Sculpture Carving Cast Modelling Text Figurative Architectural Commissioned Site-specific Ecclesiastical