Caryl Beach

Caryl Beach


My work represents an appreciation and acceptance of the transient nature of our world. With a beauty that lies in imperfection; impermanence; and an appreciation of the simple integrity of natural objects and processes.

For many years, I have documented my everyday experiences in the landscape which have evolved into a visual diary, a journal, which records and reflects my journeys, noting the detail, often over looked, in the hustle of our daily routine, observing and recording the smallest insignificant details that emanate from shadows and refraction of the sunlight. Images of neglected and once abandoned buildings, traces of the layers of history that echo a universal theme of transience, absence and presence. My investigations have led me into a micro world that requires close inspection and a magnification process in order to record the finest minutiae. My work is produced using only natural light and the minimum of editing. I present my images as video, projected still images, prints on metal and varied scale photographic prints on photographic paper. I also use mixed media on canvas and small scale watercolour paintings.

I am a fellow of Digswell Arts with a studio at The Forge,  Digswell Hertfordshire.

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Location Hertford, South East
Activities Public art, Private commissions, Film-making, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking