Carol Wilcox

Artist, Art historian, Writer, Teacher

Concepts My early paintings explored imagery drawn from the world of material and cultural consumerism. My aim was to give substance and permanence to the ephemeral nature of this source material:posters, photography, film, through the use of traditional oil painting techniques. More recently I have used aerial imagery of the region in which I live as a starting point for landscapes informed by my personal contact with and knowledge of the area at ground level. My influences are predominantly artistic and cultural and owe a lot to my early degree studies in French language and literature and their continuation throughout my Fine Art studies: French philosophy, cultural studies, situationism, pop art, politics, cinema, literature, consumerism, the mass media, post modernism, critical studies, architecture. Career path With a BA Hons degree and MA in Fine Art gained during the 90's, I have been practising since then as a visual artist professionally and have also taught Art and Design at a local college (I was originally a Modern Languages teacher). My current projects include the production of small to medium canvases (originally my work was very big and more suited to the corporate market), and, as mentioned above, work using modern digital imagery as its point of departure. I am also producing work on paper using gouache and indian ink, as well as monoprints, some of which I am translating into digital prints. I am continuing to experiment with the use of digital imagery and its manipulation and am looking to integrate it into my painting practice in new ways. Feel free to browse my work on read full statement

Location Canterbury, South East
Activities Further education, Critical writing
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking