Caroline Lambard

The work focuses specifically on 3 dimensional form, exploring the structure and character created by relationships of form and void through drawings and installations. The installations engage with the entire space they occupy, presenting a fresh understanding of that space through the imposed form. As with all 3-dimensional form, the installations are never understood from a single viewpoint. They need to be mind-mapped - pieced together from multiple viewpoints - by walking through or around the form: moving through time and space. The installations focus on time. Y-shaped lines, introduced gradually, fracture space into increasingly complex patterns of lines and planes. Each line's impact on the overall piece is made visible, so the trajectory of development through time and space is observable. These structures develop through a repeated process, an algorithm. They are expressions of growth, resulting in immersive forms and structures which play with the perception of scale and pattern. The line structures emerged from a reductive process to find a basic visual language of form and structure. They allow versatile drawing in space, and minimal interventions with often disproportionate effect. In 'transition', a horizontal 2-dimensional line divided the room into 'above' and 'below'; in 'dendrites', visually ambiguous 3-dimensional lines could be read either as solid, tree-like forms or the division lines between invisible planes. Surface patterns of complexity and void on the lines then introduce secondary form. This work is about experiencing form in time and space and how this affects our perception of all three. Ideas-matter-sphere I also run ideas-matter-sphere, an organisation developed with artist Elizabeth Murton, which provides a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion and exhibitions. Events bring together speakers and audiences from the arts, science and humanities to discuss and explore ideas, connection and creativity. The emphasis is on informal discussion, and creative exploration without predetermined outcomes. More information can be found at read full statement

Location London