Photo: Caroline Doyle in Bedford, East

Caroline Doyle


Concepts It seems to be both going to find 'it' and also letting 'it' just come. The revelation can be a slow burn or a sudden flash. The work is something 'already within, already 'there in some form' from the surface to deep within. The nests are not alien or new to me but somehow startlingly familiar like my soulmate. I have a memory of nests. I'm fascinated in the shell of something and what lies beneath. Le Nid tiède et calme The warm, calm nest Ou chante l'oiseau In which a bird sings Rappelle les chansons, les charmes Recalls The songs, the charms, Le seuil pur The pure threshold De la vielle maison. Of my old home. Jean Caubère Objects, dreams, thoughts all swim in and out of us diffusing the edge of things and us. 'How' and 'where' do we exist? There is a simultaneous state of things within and outside of us. In our minds and in our skin we hold the universe and more. Little worlds, yet more vast than the universe. Nests are the point of origin, the centre of us. A place to be, older than before time began. Caroline Doyle Influences include; love; Buddhism; castles; Piero Della Francesca; Phillip Guston; Giorgio Morandi; Gaston Bachelard; the worlds around and inside me... Art career path is a life long one and have continued to paint since leaving art school. I have been regularly exhibiting in this country and also selling both here and abroad. In 2010 my design based work was published and sold in Liberty of London. Printmaking  (etching / aquatint) is something I have also been inspired to develop since 2014.

Location Bedford, East
Artforms / type of project Consultancy, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Public Art
Tags Painting, Abstract, Abstract Figuration, Commssion