Photo: Carole King in Newcastle Emlyn, Wales

Carole King

Artist, Maker, Curator

The contrasts between outward appearance and hidden subtext; concealment and disclosure, form the basis of my paintings and installations. The Victorians ascribed specific meanings and sentiments to flower species. These became formalised into a universally recognised Language of Flowers through which passionate emotions could be communicated. Vestiges of this now largely forgotten language persist through the symbolic use of flowers as emblems for events such as Remembrance Day. Particular flowers have lines and patterns that reflect ultraviolet light. These guide insects to the flowers reproductive system but remain hidden to us as they are outside our normal range of vision. These examples of actual and symbolic hidden messages are combined in my paintings; I use ultra-violet paint to place text or symbols beneath my picture surfaces. These hidden messages, which can only be read when illuminated by ultraviolet blacklight, create a second layer of visual imagery, only one of which is initially obvious to the viewer. The images combine to form one complete idea. Other work uses macro views, saturated colours and cropped images to examine flowers from an insects perspective. Industrial methods and materials are employed to create further pieces suitable for outdoor display. read full statement

Location Newcastle Emlyn, Wales
Activities Adult education, Workshops, Private commissions, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Tags bookbinding , printmaking, silkscreen, painting, tunnel books,