I am creating contemporary oil paintings with collage on linen canvas. The raw linen canvas remains visible and a feature in this work. I create an outline using as few marks or brush strokes as possible while maintaining an image that is instantly recognisable. I create narratives with paint, collage, mixed media and stencil around a central theme such as nature, memories and childhood. While my work is representational I am also interested in creating different visual planes by mixing flat areas of paint and stencil with hand painted elements and collage. References to nature can be found throughout my work such as depicting antlers in response to the growing concern the world is facing with regards to the environment. Having grown up in historical Yorktown, Virginia and now living near Bath, in the UK, history and storytelling are vibrant parts of my paintings. Alongside having a strong graphic sense from my degree in Communications, years of life drawing has led me to paint the essence of what I represent in hand painted outlines contrasted with flat areas of colour. The tactile nature of the paintings and mixed media create an intimate space where viewer is drawn in to examine the different textures inherent in paint, glitter and paper collage. Some of the collage elements in this work are very personal and others have different layers of symbolic meaning depending on how the viewer interprets them such as butterflies. This participation of the viewer to create their own narrative based on the meaning they bring to the painting is what makes these works different for everyone. read full statement

Location Frome, South West