Photo: Carl Rowe in Norwich, East

Carl Rowe

Artist, Lecturer / academic

My art is a combination of socio-political commentary, humour and culinary methodologies. I make artwork in response to the issues that I feel are of significance, often conflating our contemporary situation with historic references. Outmoded thinking, unsuitable fiscal mechanisms and cultural fragilities threaten the stability of our society. I think of myself as a hapless commentator on these issues. My practice employs a broad range of technical applications including video, print, performance and cookery. It is generally a process of appropriating and contorting that, which already exists, resulting in a layering of historical sediments and collisions of significance. The materials that I use are often intrinsically connected with the image or text that they portray, such as the herbs and spices that make up my special G20 screen ink used in the work 'Drool' 2010. The impact of devaluing of an artwork through reproduction is explored in print. Unavoidable destruction of the artwork upon removal is a significant component within my installations. Here, the denial of ownership parries with the reality of the cultural commodity. read full statement

Location Norwich, East
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Curating
Artforms / type of project Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Printmaking
Tags politics, destruction, text, poster, postcard, food

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