Carl Jaycock

Carl Jaycock

My artworks are primarily concerned with exploring ideas about identity and presenting the ideas in a physical form that enhances the concept. I explore the use of everyday images and materials to raise questions on the complexity of identity and the connections between the local and global culture. My practice has been influenced by time living in various parts of Europe and South East Asia.

use of facial imagery and its various cultural uses have been explored in many past artworks to present artworks that now explore the cultural references that represent our identity. Ideas of dual and multiple cultural identities inspired from my time living in South East Asia and other countries have given me the experience of seeing the connections between identity and power.

The materials I use is wide ranging but selected for the additional identity content they bring to the artwork. Materials such as using old text or new images collected from television or old record players and album covers have been explored and experimented with to tap into the emotive cultural references and meanings it triggers in the viewers of the artwork. Processing images or text by weaving, shredding or altering through digital technology and crafted techniques creates artworks, which are colourful and rich in possible meanings.

The computer has been an important tool for his practice in the collecting and the exploration of everyday images and re-contextualising of archived material. Images are manipulated and transferred onto new materials. The outcome is artworks, that utilise delicate craft skills with new media photographic processes to create strong visual work, which aims to connect to both art, craft and local traditions.
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Location Telford, West Midlands