Cally Trench

Concepts/themes/ideas Cally Trench takes on the persona of a cartographer and explorer in order to map the world around her. Her paintings, drawings and board games share the overhead viewpoint of maps, landscape gardeners' plans, board games, surveillance film, and the kind of video footage shown on the TV news shot from bombers over their targets. She also makes books, which are shown at artists' book fairs; one of her books (Remarkable Bookshelf) was bought by the Tate in 2010. Cally Trench also makes timelapse films from hundreds of still images. Four of these, each 101 seconds long, were shown in Project 101 at the LAB Gallery with the artists' group AM Bruno (curated by Sophie Loss). Career path Cally Trench has exhibited in London, Oxford and other places in the UK, and in Poland, where she twice took part in artists' seminars/workshops (1990 and 1991). Recent exhibitions have included Project 101 at the LAB Gallery, New York, the annual At Play exhibitions (2009-2012) at South Hill Park (which she co-curates with Outi Remes), Invasion of Privacy (Oxford, 2010), the Salisbury Open Drawing Exhibition (2009), Nine Black Boxes (in an Oxford laundrette, 2009), and a number of events at which her board games have been played (including the Charles Dickens Museum, 2010). She graduated with a 1st class Fine Art BA from Buckinghamshire Chiltems University College in 2004, and an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins in 2007. She is currently curating a network of artists' interactions: Remarkable and Curious Conversations. read full statement

Location High Wycombe, South East