Caitlin Heffernan

Caitlin Heffernan

Artist, Curator

In my work I use, adapt and transform domestic objects and create sculptural forms that are inspired by a variety of elements drawn from social and personal histories. I also create immersive installations that use craft elements, drawing and photography drawing on traditions of assemblage and installation. I am interested in ideas surrounding memory, home, social histories and the real and imagined and many of my works have elements that suggest longing, escape and melancholy.

Another important part of my work is the notion of landscape and place and how these strands can be experienced through common domestic objects and materials such as wallpaper, curtains and furniture coverings. I find these mediums offer the chance to rework familiar patterns and make them recall the netherworld between waking and dreaming, a world where images, shapes and memory morph.

Many of my installations, embroidery pieces, drawings and photography have been triggered by domestic objects, fabrics and family photographs because I find that these can be used to recall a previous time and moment and to perhaps trigger a sense of memory in the viewer. I also use historical and archival research as inspiration to create my pieces. Transformation and metamorphosis have been important elements in recent works, including pieces like Other, which drew inspiration from the history of Preston Manor, a historic home in Brighton and the historic practice there of burying family pets in a 'pet cemetery'. There was a strong element of the uncanny in this piece, which fused craft and embroidery practice with social histories and a supernatural sense of the 'other'. Similarly, recent works, such as Tree Boys and Tree are inspired by specific social histories and particular historic locations, but both works fuse these elements to produce something that seems strange but rooted in a tangible sense of history.

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Location Brighton, South East
Activities Residencies, Private commissions, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Project management
Artforms / type of project Installation, Intervention, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags site-specific, installation, crafts, research, curatorial, sculpture, intervention

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