Bryony Graham


Working with social, as well as physical space and materials, Graham is a collection builder, situation and object maker. The body of her work forms the Dragging and Gathering, (Kicking and Screaming) Collection, incorporating urban intervention and performative works and object based installations. Her work plays with ideas of the constructed self, the shaping of culture, identity flux and society in process; Graham investigates senses of self and community in relation to objects, place and people. Raw ingredients (physical and mental) are collected for experimental making. Graham's materials come from two distinct areas, the industrial world of construction and the domestic world of the home; Highway depots and building sites, with bitumen, gritting salt and cement meet the strange world of the Charity Shop and the collector's trinket of mantelpieces, shelves and cabinets. By combining these materials new collections of curious objects and works are made. A body of work built of and on collections and so on, layering of experiences. Work shifts between the realms of the individual and the societal, the private and the public. This shift allows many more conceptual links and levels of significance within works and a wealth of future areas of research, reflection and making. Participation and exchange play an increasing role in her practice and thinking as object and process as product. read full statement

Location Felixstowe, East