Photo: Bryn Sutcliffe in Crewe, North West

Bryn Sutcliffe

Early career

I have always found the subject of mental health and the human mind interesting on an intellectual and personal level, it therefore was an obvious direction to take my artistic practice. Photographs taken of objects, places and people I have researched or know personally, inspire my practice. My work includes paintings reflecting my personal interest in the issues of mental health. A recent body of work showing derelict mental asylums, aims to show the sinister beauty of the deterioration left behind in these mental institutions, the decaying rooms and corridors comparable with the chaos of minds suffering from mental health conditions. In another body of work, I am exploring the juxtaposition of innocence and pleasure with evil and peversion. Recognizable common phrases often include opposites - good and evil, guilty or not guilty, love and hate. My paintings reflect this by showing abandoned theme parks - originally being places of enjoyment and excitement for children they have now evolved into areas with an unsettling feel, sinister and forgotten places. In my paintings I use an experimental, contemporary colour palette, including flourescent paint which changes in differing lights. I sometimes mix various substances with the paint (including bleach, aftershave, detergents, or anything else as the mood takes me!). This may or may not have an effect on the paintings, short or long term. This random scenario appeals to me as I search for new ways to represent my work. read full statement

Location Crewe, North West
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting