Photo: Bryan Lavelle in Dorchester, South West

Bryan Lavelle


My work is an investigation into the properties of my chosen materials and the process of painting. Artists who influence and inform my practice include; Ian Davenport, Jason Martin, Liam Gillick, Dan Flavin, Richard Wilson, Alexis Harding, Anish Kapoor and Robert Ryman. Some of the processes used within my work are - Use of poly-chromatic colour Repetition of form Harnessing of uncontrollable factors such as gravity Harnessing of unpredictable characteristics of paint Use of post-modern materials My work has no layers of hidden meaning or narrative waiting to be uncovered, nor does it elude to be anything that it isn't; through making external references outside of the work itself. My work can be considered a structured representation of what the viewer is actually looking at; that is, materials and process (MDF, paint and gravity). Through my choice of materials and the use of gravity to ultimately make the mark, I am able to make abstract paintings that become self referential, questioning only themselves as artworks. Through subverting the viewer's attention in this way, from seeking narrative that may not necessarily be there; the only conceivable narrative within my work becomes the materials and the process itself.

Location Dorchester, South West
Activities Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Painting

News & Events

  • Contemporary British Painting, The Crypt , St Marylebone, London

    08/12/2014 – 01/01/2015
    The Crypt , St Marylebone, London

    Exhibition of 42 British painters

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  • Black Swan Arts Open

    06/12/2014 – 10/01/2015
    Black Swan Arts, Frome

    Selected for Black Swan Arts Open

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  • Contemporary British Painting

    01/11/2014 – 31/03/2015
    Huddersfield Art Gallery

    Exhibiting in Contemporary British Painting as part of the Priseman-Seabrook Collection of 21st Century British Painting

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  • @PaintBritain

    15/11/2014 – 08/03/2015
    Art School Gallery, Ipswich Museums

    Exhibiting in @PaintBritain

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  • Madison Museum of Fine Art, Georgia, USA

    Madison Museum of Fine Art, Georgia, USA, have recently acquired a painting for their permanent collection of British artists.

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