Photo: Blair Cunningham in Glasgow, Scotland

Blair Cunningham

Artist, Art historian, Lecturer / academic

I have always been strongly attracted to not only the physical spaces that we inhabit, but also our inner spaces, the dreams and thoughts we have and our interactions with them. The systems or dialogues we create to understand and contextualise our environment whether physically or intellectually has provided a rich source form which to draw. Communication in the form of maps, text and intuitive mark making form the core of my practice and are used to open a dialogue, exploring how we create languages as a way to comprehend and communicate. I explore this primarily through drawing, print, photography and sculpture. read full statement

Location Glasgow, Scotland
Activities Further education, Adult education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Built environment, Public art, Private commissions, Visual arts consultancy
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Drawing, Glass, Mixed Media, Sculpture