Bethany Gray

Early career

As a painter I am interested in the theatrical ambiguity and potential narrative content of a still landscape. The paintings are part descriptive and part imaginary but always stem from a truth of experience. The way in which I paint allows vivid brush marks to interrupt the viewing of the image whilst simultaneously being deeply embedded in the surface of the canvas. As well as the space holding a dramatic atmosphere, part of the narrative of the paintings is the process of making itself. My practise has an ever evolving insular nature, starting with a place from where I make drawings and paintings in situ. From these original drawings I make numerous further drawings which slowly become less about depicting a place and more about representing an experience of the place and how memories change, and this is how the paintings come in to being. Theatre stage design and cinematography both influence my consideration of placing the viewer within a psychological space. read full statement

Location Macclesfield, North West
Artforms / type of project Painting