Ben Rowe

Ben Rowe

Artist, Project manager, Technician


Rowe’s immense skill is apparent throughout his work, displaying a painstakingly long process of craftsmanship. Many hours are spent carving, sanding and sculpting man-made woods to take the form of wire, steel and circuit boards.

Rowe creates fascinating worlds, taking perhaps a darker view of the future, from his own imagination where objects rooted in technology take centre stage. Cyber-brains, memory reading technology and surgically implanted body control devices hint at a dystopian yet probable future for us all. It is clear Rowe’s meticulous research of cult sci-fi films, comics and cyberpunk novels largely influence his idea of the future that awaits us.

Recreating the essence of the digital world Rowe morphs it in to a physical object, placing it not just in front of our eyes but giving it a physical presence that occupies the same space as our own. This demand of attention from the objects forces us to think about the real power of cyber and digital technology, questioning our relationship to the machine and what impact this will have on our own future.

Rowe lives and works in Bristol, UK.

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Location Bristol, South West

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