Ben Rowe

Artist, Project manager, Technician

Skilfully handcrafting the “low-fi” medium of MDF, Rowe painstakingly carves, sands and sculpts the man-made wood to take the form of wire, steel and circuit boards. Creating “hi-fi” replicas of props from his research including sci-fi cult films and TV, post-apocalyptic themed comics and cyber-punk novels. Rowe considers his meticulously reconstructed props to be approximations of the original. Rowe is concerned with how the scientific objects and advances explored in popular culture and sci-fi films could effect our own future. Taking perhaps a darker view, Rowe creates fascinating worlds where objects of his own imagination; cyber-brains, memory reading technology and surgically implanted body control devices are a way of life. Rowe hints at a scary possible future for us all. While primary concerned with using MDF, Rowe also explores the uses of other materials to create intricately detailed city-scapes, complete with billboards, trash cans, and streetlamps, photographing these fantasy worlds from a citizen perspective, before tearing down the temporary structure to rebuild a new world as desolate as the last, drawing on the fragility of society. Through these still and monotone, yet beautiful objects and compelling scenes, Rowe manages to draw us in to one of many, possible futures. Rowe lives and works in Bristol, UK. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West

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