Ben Lloyd

Ben Lloyd

Artist, Writer, Lecturer / academic

I am a visual artist and an art educator. My work ranges from drawing, collage and painting to large sculptural projects. I live and work in West Wales.

The most recent large projects have focussed on the movements of people through migration, tourism, colonisation and escapism.  The people of these movements do not feature in the artwork and aspects of their culture appear abandoned or displayed as if in a museum.  My installations are often characterised by his use of the repeat found object such as: mobile phones, castle stones, tourist artefacts and disposable lighters.

Here follows a quote from a chat about my painting practice.

“I was painting by suspending a state of not thinking, or daydreaming, in order to draw from my subconscious. It was successful enough; it was no problem at all to be in the flow of creativity, in uncertainty.  The images just painted themselves and I was quite happy with that, although they seemed all to be tubes/cacti/pipes/penises and frames.  These images, these paintings were altered, added to or completely over-painted, übermalen, and the process and formal concerns themselves became central, and that was something that I never wanted, I think I thought it wasn't risky enough and a bit lame.  But when I considered it again it had given me more time away from my own judgement or too sharp a focus on product.  And so, I let process and formal concerns help with the issues related to thinking, in place of the 'drawing from my subconscious' idea."

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Location St. Davids, Wales
Activities Further education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Project management, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture