Photo: Ben Lloyd in St. Davids, Wales

Ben Lloyd

Artist, Community worker

Ben Lloyd’s installation work focusses on the movements of people through colonisation, land grabs, escapism, slavery, tourism, emigration and leisure pursuits. The people of these movements have left the scene, or indeed their culture appears only as a museum, and left to see are their places, technologies, services and consumer products/waste. His installations are often characterised by his use of the repeat found object such as: mobile phones, castle stones, tourist artefacts and disposable lighters. Empire Kiosk is a re-appropriation of a commercial space from Freetown, Sierra Leone, drawing on contemporary African folk art, up-cycling and globalised digital technologies. I documented the kiosks of Freetown during my time there as a volunteer teacher. "The recreation of this service/space is testament to his inspirational attention to detail that enables him to create objects that blur the boundaries between museum artefact, ethnographic reconstruction, installation, and monumental sculpture. I especially enjoy his re-contextualization of the everyday and functional, the way in which he relocates service providing spaces from the lived in world to the exclusive and elitist art institution where the everyday suddenly becomes extraordinary and the functional becomes functionless." Quote: Tiff Oben The project was supported by ACW and exhibited at Chapter, Oriel Q and the British Museum. Fragments from the Landsker Line archive takes as its starting point the antithesis of ownership. I stole stones from the string of Norman castles of Pembrokeshire to illustrate this. These were displayed as if in an archaeological dig site office, numbered and corresponding to pins in maps, logs of stones taken, and tourist pamphlets declaring the castles full of wonder and awe. The tourist poked around in the fantasy, half truths and murky waters of the tourist allegiance. The work was installed in room 10, Warpool Court Hotel, St. Davids. This enabled it to be art in the social realm as the viewers were invited to sit on the bed for tea and biscuits and enter conversations about local tourism. My picture making practice is a parody of mankind's attempts to force sense onto the world. The world appears as an unfathomable array of symbols and the pictures attempt to unlock the meaning of these symbols. Though they reconfigure and re-appropriate, the narrative always seems to slip away. read full statement

Location St. Davids, Wales
Activities Workshops, Community arts, Participatory projects, Project management, Collecting
Artforms / type of project Project, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

News & Events

  • The Road to New York

    Unit#1 Ben Lloyd: The Road To New York preview 10 April 2015 Exhibition 11 April - 2 May 2015 g39, Cardiff

  • The Road to New York

    The artist has been working on an exhibition following the escape of a small group of people in hand built watercraft from the UK.

  • Nepotism

    18/10/2013 – 25/10/2013
    Made in Roath

    For Made in Roath, Cardiff, Nepotism is the artwork of 3 artists, Richard Huw Morgan, Helen Jones and myself

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