The relentless triumph of technology is increasingly dismissive of the human desire for interaction; we are deprived of experiences with the ordinary and become less aware of the potential such objects contain. I primarily consider art as a means of understanding the world and my practice is based on personal observations and autonomous processes. This can often lead to an over-analysis of the mundane, which is directly confronted in each of my projects through an enthusiasm for the objects we not only take for granted, but do so to the extent that we barely notice their existence. Drawing inspiration from literature, philosophy and ideas which surround permanence in a society which is frequently considered throwaway, I am influenced by personal insecurities and have developed a creative style that not only explores construction - in the obsessive means by which a work is made; but celebrates the process of destruction - in that the materials I use have the potential to bring about their own demise in a process I generally refer to as autocannibalism. read full statement

Location Chester, North West