Early career

Becky Gee's work questions personal ideologies on the public and the private with specific relation to matter which is concealed as well as being highly autobiographical. It has also been described as “powerful and nostalgic” as the objects chosen are often uncannily familiar both to the artist and the viewer creating a human connection between the two. Through exploration of space and place her work makes reference to the ignorance of single-strand connections between subjects and those which surround them leaving them in a communal existence that is only represented in a fictive world. The artist's photographs, objects and installations often relate to personal experience without exposing the literal, inviting the viewer to intrude on the narrative and amend it to their own. This form of practice often occupies the space, transforming it in a way that it envelopes the air, the breath surrounding it. It is eerie, yet approachable. Friendly, yet sinister. An odd domestic space where phenomena hang in the surrounding silence waiting for the disturbance. Current works explore the projection of light within a space. It is seen as if the projection were to be the area of fictive nature and the dull exterior of the filled square to be reality. It was the section where the two of these polarities meet that is the focus within the work, the odd rainbow that marks the spot where light meets dark, the cross-over into the separate worlds. read full statement

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire